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Mare Liberum is a waterfront art collective based in the Gowanus, Brooklyn, with a practice that combines boatbuilding with publishing, printmaking, urban exploration, activism and social engagement. Finding its roots in stories of New York's water squatters and haphazard water craft builders, ML is a collaborative exploration of what it takes to make viable aquatic craft as an alternative to life on land. The project draws from sources as diverse as ocean-crossing raft assemblages, artist/explorer voyages, improvised work and refugee boats from diverse places, and modern stitch-and-ply construction methods which make complex, classic boat designs approachable by novice builders. We first built fleet of Liberum Dories – a design based on the historic 15? Banks Dory – out of construction site detritus. Now building paper canoes. Broadsheets and pdfs for all our boats w/ assembly instructions are on the website. Note: Our peers are our inspirations and vice-versa.