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FRAGMENTS OF THE OTHER Free to change: work-in-progress Gisela Weimann: Berlin/Germany - Andor Koemives: Cluj/Romania The basic idea of the project is that of a creative dialogue between two European artists who are of different nationality and cultural background. By exchanging bits and pieces of drawings and paintings from our work tables we give each other fragmented visual material at hand that is the starting point for new works. Each of us is free to complete and change these ‘fragments of the other’ in whatever way we want. At the beginning the image-fragments are ‘foreign bodies’ that are then metamorphosed and assimilated in an alchemistic mutation process into the individual work of the other artist. In the working process our personal artistic handwriting is integrated. Thus the final works are created jointly but individually. Most of the time we are working alone with these fragments being physically absent but intellectually present at each other’s work tables.